Beyond Sustainability

There is a global movement of farmers and ranchers that are moving beyond sustainability. This courageous and culturally diverse group is regenerating their soil, watersheds, wildlife habitat and communities through holistic management practices. The result happens to be more nutrient dense, more delicious and more meaningful eating. Life changing food. Foodgenie is a platform to support this regenerative, life changing movement. There is also a movement to cut out the middle man in food production which has huge environmental benefits and food security benefits for people buying directly and locally.  We are your resource for connecting you with farmers who are using food production methods that not only produce the most nutrient dense foods, but also provide a vibrant, healthy future for our children and future generations. When your food dollars are spent on food from these farmers and artisans – YOU are driving positive change! 

Overview and Vision

Our vision is to be a valuable link in a truly viable local food system that produces healthy, adaptable communities, sustainable livelihoods, nutrient dense food, and environmental regeneration.  “Feed the world. Heal Our Planet.”

Just by visiting us, you are taking part in shifting the way we produce food and advance the use of regenerative agricultural practices. By ordering your food directly through farms in Food Genie you are helping make regenerative agriculture a profitable, logical choice for our food producers providing them with the information, connection and community to make this possible.

We support the Food Water Wellness Foundation. Together we are helping to create a global ecosystem where all people have access to ample nutritious food, clean water and a healthy, adaptive, environmentally responsible way of life.

Buzzwords like ‘cage-free’, ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ just don’t cut it for us. We vet our farm members against the highest possible standards and regularly visit their farms to make sure the animals are raised outside, fed non-GMO feed, and given proper attention at every stage. We observe garden and greenhouse practices to varify authenticity of our producers. The ultimate rating system comes from you – the consumer. Just rate your farmer or leave a comment about your experience. It all helps everyone get the best possible food experience from farmers who really care.

Ready to Find Food from a Farmer?

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