Ethical, Nutrient Dense Food directly from responsible farmers. Cut out the middle man!

Food Genie is a platform and marketplace for regenerative, ethical farmers and ranchers to direct-market and gain recognition for their dedication to feeding the world and healing our planet. As a consumer – when you spend your food dollars on products from farms who practice responsible, regenerative production practices you are doing much more than keeping your family healthy. You are influencing positive change. Eating food produced from Food Genie Farmers helps heal the land and has a positive impact on the environment while supporting a healthy local economy. Health for people, communities and the environment.

Why Buy From Regenerative Farmers?

We define regenerative agriculture as feeding the world while healing our planet at the same time. To us, it is simply not enough to be sustainable. Our food choices have a profound connection to our environment and global crises like climate change and systemic poverty. Food from farmers who use responsible, regenerative practices do not use GMO seeds, they do not use excessive tillage or chemicals like glyphosate that cause soil degradation and toxicity. They often use organic seeds and heritage varieties and breeds of plants and animals. Regenerative farmers produce more nutrient dense food in a way that respects the land and the ecosystem.

Technically speaking, regenerative agriculture encompasses a set of farming and ranching practices that rebuild soil and, in the process, sequester carbon (capturing and long-term storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide to mitigate global warming and avoid dangerous climate change). Regenerative agriculture may use cover crops and perennials so that bare soil is never exposed, and graze animals in ways that mimic animals in nature. Additional benefits are: stopping soil erosion, remineralizing soil, protecting the purity of groundwater and reducing damaging pesticide and fertilizer runoff.

How can I learn more about regenerative agriculture?

Great question! Such a great question, in fact, we wrote a whole series of articles about it!

Why are you only in Alberta?

Alberta is just a beginning. We’re going to expand one province at a time. If you would like to be notified of expansion progress, please sign up here. If you know a farm that should be listed when we expand, suggest a farm here.

How do you choose your vendors?

Our goal is to eventually list every regenerative farmer and producer in Canada and help them sell as a Food Genie vendor. We start by gathering data from the farmers we know and who contact us directly. We also access networks of producers that have taken courses such as holistic management and permaculture. The difference between Food Genie and other directories is we have personally curated our listings for information quality and clarity. In fact, we complete all listings by starting a direct relationship with the farmer. This includes staying in touch with the vendor and updating any changes.

If you are a regenerative farmer of producer, and would like to become a listed vendor on Food Genie, please read our services overview and then apply.

How do I order?

Instead of creating infrastructure and overhead that costs the farmer, we help regenerative producers create their own direct marketing and sales channels. In every listing, there will be specific instructions on how to buy direct. Every producer works a little differently and we are working with them to make it as easy as possible to order and save money direct.

How quickly can I get my order?

That depends on who you order from. Each producer offers different methods of distribution. This is the reason we want to make it as easy as possible, for you and the producer, by making all the information and infrastructure as transparent as possible.

Do you make money on my order?

If you are ordering directly from a farm or ranch, the answer is no we do not. In our business analysis, we believe making money selling food is not a sustainable way to achieve our vision. We want every single dollar of any purchase to directly benefit the regenerative farmer or producer. This is the only way regenerative agriculture can become viable enough to make a real difference.

How much do I save ordering direct?

Again, it all depends on the farm or producer and what you order. You don’t have to pay the profit margins you would at your local or online grocer. And because the regenerative farmer and rancher does not have to pay a middleman, more money goes back into their families while passing savings onto you. In some cases you can save up to 50% of what you would pay at a commercial supermarket.

Check out our series of articles on price comparisons here.

Can you notify me of opportunities to get involved?

Absolutely! Subscribe and we’ll send you localized updates and opportunities from our regenerative food and producer network.

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