Chicken – humanely raised, tasty chicken

from The Farm Team

Local Chicken from The Farm Team!

Our chickens are raised in a large open barn, providing the perfect conditions for their care and allowing them access to the great outdoors.  We feel it is vital that the chickens can feel the wind in their feathers and the sun on their beaks.  We feed high quality, organic grain that is sourced from a local farm.

Our chicken will be available for pickup until supplies last.

You can choose from:

Whole bird (~ 6 lbs / 2.7 kg)
Half bird (~ 3 lbs / 1.35 kg)
Breast (bone in/skin on) 2 per package (~ 2 lbs / 820 g)
Thigh Drumstick Combo – 2 of each (~ 2.2 lbs / 1 kg)
Wings – 6 per package (~ 2 lbs / 870 g)

Your pre-order and deposit secures your purchase and allows us to coordinate the butchering to ensure you get the pieces you want.  The deposit paid toward your order is approximately 50% of the package price.

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