Earth Works Meat Pickup

Earth Works Farm



  • Beef: Grass Fed Grass Finished – Packages and Individual Cuts
  • Pork: Pasture and Bush Raised, Soy and GMO Free – Packages and Individual Cuts
  • Meat Accounts: Savings account where you make ‘deposits’ of cash and ‘withdrawals’ in meat.


Calgary Trail Northwest 2440
Edmonton T6J 5J6 AB CA
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Responsible Food Production is The Key

The Regenerative Ag movement has given agriculture a chance to demonstrate its potential as a force for addressing climate change and preserving the planet for future generations. It was lost for a few generations while Industrial Agriculture proved to be both inadequate and devastating to both human health and nature. But many regenerative methods are back and better than ever with a true and clear understanding of why our ancestors used many of these practices for thousands of years before us.