Nutritious. Local. Chicken.

Happy Chickens

You can serve chicken every night of the week and have a completely different dish – it is quick, easy, and versatile.  And so are your packaging choices.  Pick from whole chickens, breast, thigh and drumstick combos, or wings.  We also have packs of necks and backs that make amazing broth.

If you’re used to factory farmed chicken, the difference in flavour is amazing.  We believe that chickens need to express their chickenness and we create the best life we can for them.  They are fed a completely organic diet, get to run around, scratch, and go outside everyday!

We are the Farm Team from Linden, Alberta and we love to raise happy, healthy chickens.

Choose from:

  • Whole birds
  • Breasts – Skin on/Bone in – 2 per package
  • Thighs & Drumsticks – Skin on/Bone in – 2 of each per package
  • Wings – 6 wings per package
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Responsible Food Production is The Key

The Regenerative Ag movement has given agriculture a chance to demonstrate its potential as a force for addressing climate change and preserving the planet for future generations. It was lost for a few generations while Industrial Agriculture proved to be both inadequate and devastating to both human health and nature. But many regenerative methods are back and better than ever with a true and clear understanding of why our ancestors used many of these practices for thousands of years before us.