The Craft Beef Company

Alberta Beef and More Delivered

The Craft Beef Company Ltd. started as a way to connect farms and ranches with the people of Alberta. We provide transparency about all of our products and variety so that our shoppers can feel confident in their purchases. Our farms are audited and must adhere to above industry standards in animal welfare and environmental management. Every farm is different – from what they eat, to their climate and genetics – and we want to showcase those differences.

Our focus and the focus of our partnering farms and ranches, is on #RegenerativeAgriculture. Our products come from farms that use special grazing techniques to manage wildlife habitats (native grasslands, rivers and streams, bird nesting areas, etc.) and proactively use these farming styles to add good nutrients and organic matter back to the soil – all the while, sequestering carbon from our atmosphere. All of our beef producers go above and beyond to work with nature and have a sustainable and holistic view of how their farms work in-tandem with it.

The Craft Beef Co. also provides an easy and convenient online ordering method that will ship these wonderful products right to your doorstep. Choose a subscription option or simply do a one-time purchase – both have no commitment and you can cancel/change subscriptions at any time.

To learn more about how these farms raise #BeefYouCanFeelGoodAbout, check out their individual farm pages at “Shop By Farm” (Coming Soon!) at

Responsible Food Production is The Key

The Regenerative Ag movement has given agriculture a chance to demonstrate its potential as a force for addressing climate change and preserving the planet for future generations. It was lost for a few generations while Industrial Agriculture proved to be both inadequate and devastating to both human health and nature. But many regenerative methods are back and better than ever with a true and clear understanding of why our ancestors used many of these practices for thousands of years before us.